Jason Huff

My work is rooted in my fascination with image and persona in pop culture. Through years of dedicated television viewing and comic book reading, I have developed a deep appreciation for heroic pop personalities. My subject matter ranges from the sex appeal of Elvis, to the cool of Mr. T to the mischievousness of Louie. The assortment of subjects in my work represents some of my heroes and the ways in which I aspire to become them. The Portrait of the Artist series grew out of my tag – Louie, my cat – and my desire to create an iconic image for myself. This series has allowed me to make personal works that focus on subjects such as angst, insecurity, tomfoolery, time wasting, and, for this exhibition, loss.

The work in So Long is centered on the recent death of my older brother and how I have struggled to come to terms with his passing and our strained relationship. Always seeking a new adventure, my brother was a free spirit who often ended up where the prevailing winds took him. This work is an homage to his wanderlust and a reminder to me to take some chances once in a while.

Say Anything

Floating to Toledo
Terra cotta, Underglaze, and Glaze
24 x 48 x 10 inches

Up, Up and Away
Terra Cotta, Underglaze, and Nylon
7 by 7 by 4 inches

Mr T-Pot
Ceramic, Mixed Media
14 x 7 x 5 inches