John Paul Schafer

My primary focus as a painter is to achieve a truer sense of self. I prefer non-objective painting because the process provides a conduit through which I am most able to tap new and original thought, the key to any worthy artistic endeavor. When possible, I avoid referring to preconceived images or sketches. I work instinctively, and rely on my memories and impulses for inspiration. The result is a pure, honest product of self-expression.

In response to our ailing enviroment, John's inspiration for these paintings came from an assortment of bones, pods, insects and plants gathered from the artist's backyard and nearby parks and nature trails. "I'll take solace in making these modern botanical studies," says Schafer, "they're meant to underscore the negative impact humans have made on our planet. I deliberately contrast the natural beauty and realism of my subjects against seemingly unnatural backgrounds of abstracted fields of color, echoing the plastic and materialistic enviroment we've created for ourselves."


Easter Mourning


No Fly

Age of Exploration

Crimes of Passion

Revisited 1

Three Way Split 1