Tim Yankosky

Materials are often the driving force and inspiration behind the works of art that I create. I have always been drawn to the functional wear and patina of vintage and found objects. Recently, vintage measuring tapes and their cases have captured my attention and I enjoy the challenge of repurposing these old objects for a journey in which they were never intended for. I create a new environment for these objects to "live on" in a new form of being, by way of contemporary works of art. I hopefully impart to them longevity, by featuring them in this unsuspected new function.

My works of art are often derived from my tempestuous childhood and the feeling of being trapped in circumstances that I could not escape from. Often I am telling a personal narrative that plays out in my head while creating. In this latest series, working predominantly with measuring tapes, I am dealing with my own issues of being "measured" and judged by others.


A Million Miles
Vintage Measuring Tapes and Nail on Panel
24 by 24 inches

You Spin Me Round
Vintage Tapes and Nail on Panel
30 by 30 inches

Vintage Measuring Tapes and Nail on Panel
24 by 60 by 3 inches

Vintage Measuring Tapes and Nail on Panel
11 by 9 by 7 inches

Vintage Measuring Tapes and Nails on Panel
58 by 8 by 3 inches