James Brown: Evolutions
Paul Metivier: Architectural Series of Likenesses

OCT 2 - NOV 1, 2014

Opening Reception: Thursday, OCT 2, 6 - 8pm

In his upcoming show, Evolutions, James Brown breaks down emotional and sensory perceptions of the world around him into simpler components and patterns, building on his previous work from the last few years. Continuing to work with oil on linen, his paintings often contain a perceived object here or there, while remaining largely abstract and conceptual. The palette in most of his recent pieces, however, has shifted. Often taking on a darker tonal look with limited sharp and contrasting pops of color, there is a sense of urgency in the works. Although the filter has changed, the vision and imagery remain the same. "It continues to expand upon my view that everything, including thought and emotion, are physically interconnected and that a small part of one thing can potentially have reverberations that would impact the entire world or universe." Mr. Brown attended the American High School of Madrid in Spain, and in 1996 received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech. He has had solo exhibitions throughout the United States, and his work is held in various public and private collections worldwide.

Paul Metivier's series of niche portraits made from terracotta paper-clay, terra sigillata, and 19th century nails were born from the realization that aesthetic similarities existed between daguerreotype portraits, medieval architectural embellishments, and Mr. Metivier's own figurative exploration of the human head. Similar in surface and subject matter, Mr. Metivier says he is drawn to daguerreotype portraits because of the stoic and haunting clarity. "Parallel to the medieval embellishments," he says, "the daguerreotypes remain in a visceral state of decay, both stoic and divine. I look to the embellishments to resolve the foundation of my work. Finally, I deliberately carve the clay to divert its origins as a material, with the intent to give each piece its own tale of creation and demise." Mr. Metivier earned his MFA at the University of Washington. His works have been featured in solo exhibitions along the West Coast and have been displayed in numerous venues throughout the Pacific Northwest.

56 by 68 inches
Oil on Canvas

57 by 63 inches
Oil on Canvas

58 by 46 inches
Oil on Canvas

Portrait of a Waterman
Terra cotta paper clay, Terra sigillata, Nails, Stains

Portrait of a Neophyte
Terra cottap paper clay, Terra sigillata, Nails, Stains

Terra cotta paper clay, Stain, Wathercolor, Graphite
$350 - 450 each or $11,500