uncovered - covered
by Kim Kopp

Personal Archaeology
Paul Lorenz

APRIL 2 - MAY 2, 2015
Opening Reception 6 to 8pm on the 2nd of April 2015

We are pleased to announce two solo exhibitions of artists Kim Kopp and Paul Lorenz in a conversation of layers.

An introduction of regional artist Kim Kopp, Kim generates a series of work exploring themes and variations. Natural elements indicative of the flora around the Pacific Northwest are captured with references of man-made objects. Kim utilizes techniques from her experiences in printmaking and bookbinding to combine physical mediums and textures. She describes her work as a "focus on duality: light and dark, movement and stillness, wet and dry, as well as contrasts in texture and color."

Paul presents a new body of work indicative of his recent experiences in a residency in Beijing, China. An evolution of his previous series of works, Paul combines his abstraction of geometry via visual lines with elements of calligraphic traditions of East Asia.

what remains uncovered
mixed media on panel
32 by 32 inches

mixed media on panel
32 by 32 inches

day 22: cracked and parched
mixed media on 2 panel
12 by 24 inches

from above
mixed media on panel
18 by 18 inches

mapping debris
mixed media on paper
12 by 12 inches

mostly gone
mixed media on 2 panel
12 by 18 inches

May 19, 2100 Lines
Graphite and Oil on Panel
39 by 39 inches

April 6, 2100 Lines
Graphite and Oil on Pane
39 by 39 inches


Anne Hirondelle
MAY 7 - 30