Anne Hirondelle

MAY 7- MAY 30, 2015
Opening Reception 6 to 8pm on the 7nd of May 2015

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Gallery IMA is delighted to announce the solo exhibition of nationally renowned ceramist Anne Hirondelle with a collection of work capturing her deconstruction of the vessel. The use of a primary-color palette and geometric shapes has been captured in refined, ceramic forms. Anne states β€œFor over 20 years I was drawn to the vessel as an abstraction and metaphor for containment. I took ideas from traditional functional pots and stretched them into architectural and later, more organic sculptural forms. Staying true to my clay roots of vessel-making, my 2008 body of work has evolved from a simple bowl form. By deconstructing and reconfiguring, by distorting and manipulating, by combining two forms to make one, by groping multiple pieces to create one, and by incorporating new materials – fabric, cardboard, wire mesh, and sea salt – I have tapped a new well of sculptural possibilities. The work has been the leader, and I have followed: paying careful attention to its needs and coaxing it, by small revolutions, into being.” Anne Hirondelle has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Yvonne Twining Humber Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement. Public collections include the Crocker Art Museum, Fine Arts Mueseums of San Francisco, New York Museum of Arts and Design, and the White House Collection in the William J. Clinton Library.

Clockwise from Top Left: Light Blubs, Leaf, Wire Mesh 1, Horsehair, Plastic Tube, Wire Mesh 3, Wire Mesh 2, Lichen

Stoneware and Paint
10 by 11 by 6 inches
$2,500 each

Column 1
Stoneware and Paint
13 by 51 by 3 inches

From Left: Orange/Persimmon Triangle Grid, Black/White Paralellagram, Teal Triangle Grid
Stoneware and Paint
164 by 37 by 6 inches
$5,000, $7,000, $5,000

Link Sculpture 3
Stoneware and Paint
28 by 8.5 by 8 inches

Circle Disks 2015
Stoneware and Paint
14 by 14 by 1inches each
$1,500 each