Harold Hoy

My work has dealt with the relationship of humans and the environment since the late 1960s. I am interested in the contrast of our modern world with the natural world. I feel that sculpture is an excellent medium to deal with some of the issues of the existence of people in the environment. I am interested in dealing with human made forms in contrast to natural forms and in dealing with human made environments in contrast to natural environments.

The concept of this sculpture was based partly on an old child’s toy, the Erector Set. I had an erector set when I was a child and was fascinated with inventing interesting machines, buildings, etc.. Playing with an Erector Set was probably one of my first experiences at creating and making something with my hands. This sculpture is constructed of perforated galvanized steel and galvanized nuts and bolts. I am interested in the contrast between the industrial materials and technique and the natural head form that is portrayed.

Balloon Dog

Duck in Egg

English Bulldog

Fox Terrier

French Bulldog


Irish Setter

Teddy Bear